There are two main duties of the President of BCG

  • The first is to chair the regular meetings of BCG, namely monthly and annual competition meetings, monthly lecture nights and monthly committee meetings. Note this does not include Special Interest Group meetings as these groups have a group coordinator to fulfil this role.
  • The second is to act as a leader of the BCG Management Committee to ensure that tasks required for the successful running of the club are allocated and carried out.

Also, the President, along with the Secretary and Treasurer, is a signatory to the BCG bank account and the signature of at least two of these three approved people is required for the preparation of any cheque payment.

In the task of chairing competition and lecture meetings the President will:

  • Welcome members (particularly new members)
  • Make announcements of upcoming events
  • Make announcements of general club news
  • Make announcements of recent committee meetings and decisions made.
  • Introduce speakers/presenters/judges
  • Announce supper break and reconvene meeting after supper break
  • Close the meeting at the conclusion of presentations

In the task of chairing committee meetings the President will:

(Prior to the meeting)

  • Approve the agenda for the meeting prepared by the Secretary

(During the meeting)

  • Ensure that a quorum is present
  • Facilitate discussion and resolution of items on the agenda (and any extra business)
  • Close the meeting at the conclusion of business

The task of leadership is mostly addressed via the committee meetings, but also requires the President to:

  • Read and respond to correspondence from committee and other club members relating to the operation of the club.
  • Motivate and inspire all club members to be involved in club activities
  • Provide encouragement to fellow committee members so their tasks are completed within agreed deadlines
  • Assist new committee members understand their roles and the club processes



Meeting Times

Regular BCG Meetings are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday of each month

Meetings start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm


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