It is the treasurer's role to oversee the club's finances, to prepare the books of account and to report on income and expenditure at committee meetings. Annual reports have to be prepared for the AGM.

Primary Duties

  • attend club meetings to collect door takings and arrange payment of monies to be expended on the night.
  • prepare receipts and cheques as needed to record transactions.
  • record deposits for income such as subscriptions, door takings, club events or any other income earned by the club.
  • prepare cheques (which have to be ratified at committee meetings) to pay the club's bills.
  • arrange for payment to competition judges or other presenters being paid by the club and make sure that adequate documentation is prepared to establish that a transaction has taken place.
  • complete bank reconciliation statements to reconcile the club's records against bank statements.
  • prepare income and expenditure statements for committee meetings.
  • prepare annual financial reports for the AGM.
  • make the books of account available for the auditor if this is required.
  • report to the committee on financial matters
  • to file securely the supporting documents for the club’s income and expenditure and archive with a destruction date noted (7 years after the year end).


Auxilliary Duties

  • manage door takings and settle accounts for club events such as portrait shoots or other outings.
  • register signatures of new cheque signatories with the bank.


Other Duties

  • arrange purchase of BCG name badges.
  • arrange purchase of BCG shirts.
  • if possible, attend club activities to organise finances.


Meeting Times

Regular BCG Meetings are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday of each month

Meetings start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm


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