AV Director


Convening AV subgroup meetings and information sharing as required

  • Draft an agenda and send to interested members prior to the meeting
  • Members, guests and experts should be sought to provide presentations or input to the meeting
  • News and information pertaining to AV topics should be circulated and discussed
  • A library of AV resources should be maintained (preferably on the website)

Primary Duties

BCG Annual AV Competition
  • Seek at least 3 judges allowing for the possibility a judge may wish to compete in one section
  • Promote the event ahead of time and encourage entries from members
  • Receive and trial run each entry
  • Time and sequence each section
  • devise and print the program ready for distribution
  • Ensure equipment and all other facilities are in place for a smooth running of the Annual Comp

Auxilliary Duties

Metropolitan Audiovisual Competition
  • Promote the Metro AV competition within BCG and encourage members to attend and enter it.
  • Assist the organising committee where required
  • Attend the Delegates meeting and provide feedback to BCG committee of business discussed
  • Coordination of a club AV to represent BCG in the Metro Interclub each year

It is one of the primary duties of the AV coordinator to initiate and direct the production of a BCG club AV each year. The entry requirements state a minimum of 8 club members must contribute to the AV sequence in some way.

Other Duties

Equipment maintenance
  • Maintain a list of AV equipment
  • Ensure equipment is serviceable and current and suitable for BCG needs.
  • Recommend any changed requirements to committee.