AV Director


Convening AV subgroup meetings and information sharing as required

  • Draft an agenda and send to interested members prior to the meeting
  • Members, guests and experts should be sought to provide presentations or input to the meeting
  • News and information pertaining to AV topics should be circulated and discussed
  • A library of AV resources should be maintained (preferably on the website)

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Welcoming Co-ordinator

The role of the Welcoming Officer is to ensure that visitors and new club members are made to feel welcome and given the opportunity to meet and interact with other club members and participate in club activities if they wish. The Welcoming Officer informs visitors of upcoming club activities.

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Meeting Times

Regular BCG Meetings are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday of each month

Meetings start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm


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