Annual Competition

2016 Annual Audiovisual Competition Rules

Audio Visual (Diaporama) is defined as a sequence of still images where the storyline or theme, sound, transitions and images are interdependent.

An effective sequence will have unity of its three parts: the conception, the visuals and the sound. Generally, these three elements should reinforce each other.

Adequate conception involves an idea with a suitable introduction, an interesting development of the idea and an appropriate close.

Narrative or text may be employed but is not mandatory.

2016 closing date for submissions is 24 October

Sections and number of entries allowed

Entrants may submit 1 or 2 sequences into either of the following 2 sections, depending on their AV experience. Competitors who have obtained a 1st placing in a BCG or interclub AV competition previously must enter open section. Novices may compete in either section.

  • OPEN
  • GROUP - For 2 or more collaborating authors.
    There is no limit on the number of entries an author can enter in the group section

MINI-10 Nominated entries

Sequences of no more than 10 images should be nominated on the entry form in order to be considered for one or more additional awards to be determined yearly.

Video restrictions

Entries incorporating the use of video/movie clips that add to the story, but do not dominate, will be accepted. However, entrants are reminded that this is a competition for members of camera/photographic clubs that promote still photography. Simulated motion (eg stop motion animation and time lapse) using still images may be more effective in achieving the goal of the AV.

Titles and credits

Competition Sequences should not contain the name of the maker.

Any material that has not been created or recorded by the maker must have credits within the sequence and be displayed without detracting from the aesthetic of the sequence. It is the maker's responsibility to seek and obtain permissions to use material which is not their own.

File format

Maximum image dimensions should be 1400 wide by 1050 pixels high.

For best quality use software producing a digital "exe" application for windows, such as the applications produced by PicturestoEXE, Proshow or Fotomagico. Image sizes greater than above may not play back from exe at the required pace and the AV quality will suffer.

Movie files (HD) will also be accepted but should be rendered in Quicktime or mp4 format with the maximum dimensions above, or SD video of 1280 x 720 so that scaling for judging playback is reduced.

Files should be supplied on CD or USB. Files will be destroyed after the competition unless the author has permitted their use for educational purposes.

File naming

The maker's name must not be displayed in the AV program or filename.

Files are to be named as follows: Section-Title-MemberNumber

Time limit

The maximum duration of sequences is seven (7) minutes, with no minimum duration.

Longer sequences will be stopped at 7 minutes and the assessment given on material to the 7 minute mark.

Entry Forms

Nomination forms containing details of Titles, Maker's Name(s) and member number, plus sequence duration should be sent to the AV Coordinator on or before the cut-off date. Please nominate if eligible for mini-10 awards, and whether you permit the retention of your AV for education.


Overall scores to total a maximum of 100, each of the following 4 aspects scored out of a maximum of 25:

Production: Concept, story or theme, ability to entertain, emotion, presentation, fades/dissolves/third image and impact

Images: Quality, content to illustrate, sequencing, colour and continuity.

Audio: Music appropriate to subject, sound effects, narration. Quality of sound, mix and levels.

Audience Appeal: As judged by the judging panel (No audience reaction will be assessed)


Novice (formerly B Grade) - for those not having WON an AV section before

Open (formerly A Grade)

Group (2 or more collaborating authors)


  • Entries to be in .exe self-executable or other standard PC digital format, in the form of a manually programmed sequence of still images with a soundtrack. Full-motion video is not permitted.
  • Recommended image size 1400x1050, - always run FULLSCREEN, not windowed
  • Make the AV start without a start menu please!

Time Limit

7 minutes (although shorter sequences are recommended)

Acknowledgement of other Included Works

A sequence may contain music, artwork, designs or photographic images not the work of the author. In such cases full credit must be acknowledged within the sequence, usually in a credit slide at the end.

It is expected that images will predominantly be the original work of the AV maker.



Meeting Times

Regular BCG Meetings are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday of each month

Meetings start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm


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