Hunt and Shoot Competition

The Hunt and Shoot competition is run annually on the date determined by the committee and is open to members and non-members. Competitors register and pay at a previous club meeting.


The Organizer of the Hunt and Shoot chooses the venue for the outing and the twelve subjects for the competition. The venue is a defined public area and images can only be taken from within that area. It may be a park precint or section of the city.


The twelve subjects are not known to the competitors until the day of the shoot and may be defined subjects or broad topics which require lateral thinking.


All competitors meet at a pre-arranged time at the venue. Only digital cameras may be used. Participants have thier first image logged at the start of the event and only the first 24 consecutive image numbers may be used. Memory cards must be presented to the Organiser for validation and for downloading of the images onto the Organiser’s laptop no later than the nominated end time of the competition. 

All images are to be shot in jpg format. 

All competitors are given the list of 12 subjects and at the specified time are allowed to commence photographing.

No post-production of images is possible as the images supplied at the completion of the competition will be used for judging.

Awaiting the Gympie Rattler3

Selection of images

Following the outing, participants shall select one image for each subject and email the list of subjects with the corresponding file name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the format Subject-Your Name-Image Number. Do not include any images with your email as only the numbers will be used to match up the original submitted entries.


The entries are impact judged by a panel of three judges. The judges are either BCG judges, who have not taken part in the competition, or external judges.


The highest scoring BCG member will be awarded the applicable life points and the BCG Hunt and Shoot perpetual trophy.

The highest scoring BCG non-member/Affiliate will be awarded free membership/membership upgrade for one year.