How Club Scoring Works

  • A continuous record of each member's scored points is maintained throughout their membership at BCG.

  • Members may request their score at any time convenient to the scorer, and scores are published periodically.

Club achievement badges are awarded according to the number of points acquired. The points won in Monthly, Annual and Interclub competitions are automatically collated by our Club Scorekeeper, but those acquired in competitions outside Club and Interclub must be claimed, along with evidence (e.g. Catalogue or Report Card), from the Scorekeeper directly.

Achievement badges are presented Annually - at the Annual Dinner and Trophy Night.

  • Monthly and Annual Competition scores only are considered for annual trophies.

  • Points from Interclub and Outside Competitions are included in Life Scores only, and count towards the awarding of Badges.


Meeting Times

Regular BCG Meetings are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday of each month

Meetings start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm


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