Contemporary Photography February

Monday 20

International Special Interest Group

The purpose of this special interest group is to offer constructive yet targeted advice on images destined for international competitions. Included in the discussions will be suitability of the image for international competitions and how to deconstruct and improve it to give yourself the best change at gaining those elusive international awards.

All are welcome to attend. To participate in the group you need to be on the path to competing internationally. Participants are to bring along a maximum of three images, numbered in order of priority for critique. You are welcome to bring the images either as a print, on a flash drive or on your laptop. We will endeavour to get to everyone’s 3 images during the course of an evening.

Critique SIG

This general Critique SIG is ideal for members wanting feedback on images they are planning on submitting to international, national or club competitions. It will meet in the main hall and there will be a number of experienced members present to assist with the image critiques. If you're after some extra pointers and help to get the best out of your images, bring them along on a USB stick.

In previous meetings of this special interest group, we have been concentrating on how images may be processed using Photoshop and the associated Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).

We would also like to have some discussion about the aesthetic qualities of the image. What images “speak to you”? What images show some originality as well as technical qualities? When should we break the usual rules of composition? What are judges likely to say about an image?

Most of us have entered images in previous competitions and don’t feel that the judge has appreciated what we are trying to do or even have been surprised that the image has received such a high award. Perhaps you could bring along such an image to defend it and have a discussion about it.


Everyone interested in working on AV's this year is invited to the AV-SIG. Lets get some discussion going about how to put quality AV's together. Bring your ideas and something to write with for a great planning session. Murray Wayper will lead this SIG.


More details on these groups can be found in the Google+ Community "Brisbane Camera Group - SIG". You need to be a member to access this G+ Community.



Meeting Times

Regular BCG Meetings are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday of each month

Meetings start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm


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