Artistic and Creative Photography - Workshop 3 - Adrian Lowe

The event was held on Sunday, August 19, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

Looking at Photography With Your Mind's Eye, Not Your Camera Lens - Workshop 3

This is the last workshop in a series of three half-day workshops hosted by Brisbane Camera Group and run by Adrian Lowe on artistic, creative photography to produce images with outstanding visual impact.

These Workshops will not cover technical camera skills associated with taking photos. Instead these talks will explain how the mind works in the background in relation to a scene, and how we see, interpret and use techniques in camera and in post-production to highlight those unique elements.

They all come from our prehistoric conditioning and still remain our subconscious motivators to this day. Adrian will cover such things as why do we peer into shadows, get distracted by a lot of highlight blocks, why do we like repetition, high contrast, BW, why does expression get to us? Why does a broad smile make us smile automatically?

The workshops will delve into the psychology of photography and how we can create extraordinary images with strong visual impact. Adrian will present concepts based around how the subconscious gets attracted to, and distracted by, different elements in a scene/subject. Knowing what these are and the effect they have on you allows you to shoot to get the most from the scene, and ultimately to get the viewer using those same subconscious reactions to be moved by your image

Adrian Lowe is the foundation President of The Masters' Apprentices Photography Club. He has been a professional photographer and operated a successful processing business back in the days of film. He has been a member of the Photographic Society of Queensland executive and a source of dynamic reformist ideas. Adrian has wide ranging interests in Philosophy, Video Photography and Personal Development strategies to name a few. Another area of expertise he has worked in is Hypnotherapy.


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Main Meeting Location

Albion Peace Centre
102 McDonald Rd
Windsor, QLD 4030

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