Print Project Challenge 2018 - Brisbane Camera Group

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Print Project will run through 2018. Participants are to register and advise their nominated subject by 26th March and to have the project completed by 15th October. It is outside (additional to) the normal monthly and annual competitions and will not contribute to aggregate points or gradings.  The Projects will be critiqued by several experienced photographers and the critiques returned to participants for learning opportunities.  There will be no judging of the images and Projects per se or awarding of placegetters.

Participants are individual members each working on their own Project, or teams of people working on one Project.  The subject topic is “open” with participants deciding their own subject or theme.  Participants are encouraged to choose a subject that is somewhat outside their normal photography areas.

BCG has engaged Lisa Kurtz to be the mentor to help, encourage and support project participants during the year on their projects.  This will be in the form of several discussion sessions, learning from the mentor, but also where participants share their own experiences as they undertake their projects, learning with and from each other and supporting one another.

Participants will be required to write an Artist Statement that will be submitted, along with the final submission of prints, in October. It will include:

  • Why you chose this particular theme or challenge and how it fits your overall vision
  • What the challenges or difficulties are and how you might overcome them
  • What the Project means to you … a personal statement of the meaning of the art to you.

Participants are asked to submit an initial draft of their artist statement in April, as a minimum identifying the topic/theme and why they chose it.  With assistance from the mentor and other participants, this can be refined during the course of the project.

The final entry will comprise up to six (6) matted prints (max mat size ~50 x 40cm or 20 x 16 inches) which can be colour, black and white or black and white with colour and be either a single image or a composite. All single images are to have been taken after 1st January 2018. If prints are made up of composites, the main feature of the photograph needs to have been taken after 1st January 2018.

The projects will be displayed at the BCG Print Project Exhibition, at Maud Gallery in November. Critiquing of the Projects will take place in the Gallery prior to the opening of the Exhibition.  Final critiquing of projects will consider:

  • Quality of the images                                             
  • Appropriateness of choice of images for Theme.     
  • Concept development: does it engage and challenge expectations; evidence of risk-taking 
  • Creativity - innovation, experimentation and the visual communication of ideas
  • Viewer impact – the extent to which the images engage the viewer; provocative, evocative imagery
  • Artist statement



  • Participant and topic nominated – by 26th March (email:
  • Initial draft of Artist Statement – by 23rd April (email:
  • Entry submission – by 15th October
  • Exhibition –   16-18th November at Maud Gallery

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