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April 2019
April 2019
April 2019
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Presenters Night (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
In April we will be launching the Photo books SIG and our speakers on the subject will be Ben Knight and Yvonne Hill. Ben, a professional photographer for 10 years, has been Editor and Producer of a book highlighting stories of homeless people in Brisbane for Orange Sky. These stories are true accounts from friends on the street and a number of quotes from our volunteers. Ben oversaw the entire process from initial design all the way to printing. Yvonne Hill is a nationally and internationally awarded photographer and started the book competition in 2016 as an adjunct to the Adelaide APSCON (APS annual convention)
SIG - Photo-books Workshop - Yvonne Hill (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Video SIG Workshop (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
It's time to bring along your video compatible camera (DSLR, mirrorless, video etc) and your microphone (if you have one). It's time to practice some interview techniques! As homework - make sure you read the chapter on how to shoot video in your camera manual - and have a bit of a play first. Bring along your gear on the night - we are going to start shooting. If you don't have a microphone (or a camera) - don't worry - we will share!
Competition Night (7:15 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
1 Set Prints - Transportation (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Status: Judged
2 Open Prints (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Status: Judged
3 Set DPI - Transportation (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Status: Judged
4 Open DPI (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Status: Judged
BCG Street SIG Meeting (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
The meeting will start with a slideshow showcasing the recent Street Images taken by members. Followed by announcements for up and coming Street events for the SIG. Our Special Guest is Lisa Kurtz. Lisa will give a presentation on our BCG 'Street Scene' Exhibition being held in November. Lisa will open up for the floor Q&A's. This meeting also coincides with the first submission date of images 29th April, 2019.
Street Introduction Workshop with Lisa Kurtz (4:00 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Lisa's Workshop consists of one afternoon/evening session - 3.5 hours. This workshop is designed to gain some basic skills in Street Photography. This is a very valuable class to gain confidence and experience in the Street. This workshop is highly recommended and serves for a basis for attending the Master Classes. Includes:     Ample one on one with Lisa     Covers a variety of exercises     Image critiques by Lisa after the workshop Location: Brisbane City Cost $50.00 Maximum attendees: 8

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