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July 2018

July 2018

Street Photography SIG Walkabout (3:00 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Street Walkabout in the Brisbane CBD - Riverside Centre area Our second walkabout for the year, Mentors will be advised. Elayne is looking forward to you joining the walkabout. Mentors will critique our images on the FB page and at our July SIG Meeting. Our walkabout will include the Botanical Garden Markets and the Riverside Cafes. Please note that this street walkabout is a free event and is open to all members and guests. To register your attendance please log on to the Street Photography SIG Private Group on Facebook and mark that you are going.  If you are not already a member please click on the following and Elayne will accept you to the group.  Alternatively, please email Elayne to confirm your attendance. Click on https://www.facebook.com/groups/429751257394353/invited/ elayne.geltch@gmail.com delete
Artistic and Creative Photography - Workshop 2 - Adrian Lowe (9:00 AM E. Australia Standard Time)
Looking at Photography With Your Mind's Eye, Not Your Camera Lens - Workshop 2 This is the second workshop in a series of three half-day workshops hosted by Brisbane Camera Group and run by Adrian Lowe on artistic, creative photography to produce images with outstanding visual impact. These Workshops will not cover technical camera skills associated with taking photos. Instead these talks will explain how the mind works in the background in relation to a scene, and how we see, interpret and use techniques in camera and in post-production to highlight those unique elements. They all come from our prehistoric conditioning and still remain our subconscious motivators to this day. Adrian will cover such things as why do we peer into shadows, get distracted by a lot of highlight blocks, why do we like repetition, high contrast, BW, why does expression get to us? Why does a broad smile make us smile automatically? The workshops will delve into the psychology of photography and how we can create extraordinary images with strong visual impact. Adrian will present concepts based around how the subconscious gets attracted to, and distracted by, different elements in a scene/subject. Knowing what these are and the effect they have on you allows you to shoot to get the most from the scene, and ultimately to get the viewer using those same subconscious reactions to be moved by your image Adrian Lowe is the foundation President of The Masters' Apprentices Photography Club. He has been a professional photographer and operated a successful processing business back in the days of film. He has been a member of the Photographic Society of Queensland executive and a source of dynamic reformist ideas. Adrian has wide ranging interests in Philosophy, Video Photography and Personal Development strategies to name a few. Another area of expertise he has worked in is Hypnotherapy. Please register for this event at Eventbrite by clicking here. delete
Presenters Night (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Warren Vievers:  The Influence of Impressionism on Photography My interest in photography has extended over decades - definitely long term.  Over the years I’ve exhibited in numerous National and International exhibitions, gaining the awards AFIAP and FAPS along the way.  Since 1987, I’ve been an accredited Photographic Society of Queensland judge. As well as delivering commentaries on images, I have made numerous presentations to camera clubs on a range of photographic topics. In addition, I’ve presented lectures at state and national conventions plus judges’ forums and training courses in Queensland and New South Wales.  My recent interests include exploring infra-red photography and photo impressionism using a range of techniques and equipment- some of it self-adapted. My very latest imagery includes what I choose to call Aberrations. delete
July Print and DPI Competition closes
TBA delete
August Print and DPI Competition opens
Set subject for August – Weather Definition - A picture depicting some aspect of the weather, the weather must be the central subject, eg. storm (actual or impending), rain, hail, fog or wind. Normal sunny conditions or the aftermath is not acceptable. delete
Interclub AV Screening and Awards Night (6:00 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
All are welcome to this free event showcasing AV work from around the state and our own club.The night will be hosted at the APC, doors open from 6:00 pm, screening starts at 6:30 pm. Register for free at InterclubAV2018ScreeningandAwards.eventbrite.com. delete
Bird Photography Outing (8:00 AM E. Australia Standard Time)
Bird Photography-  Sandy Camp Wetlands  Sandy Camp Wetlands Reserve is one of the best birding locations in Brisbane, even better than Oxley creek in David Jones' opinion. It has a mixture of water birds, small grass birds, parrots, kits, & hawks.  There are very good walking tracks around and through the reserve. From the car park to the first water track is only 60m. The walking track has two large water lagoons on each side with a bird hide on one of the lagoons. A 200mm lens will be able to take photos of the ducks, cormorants, darters, pelicans, jacanas and crakes. For the finches, manakins, kingfishers, fairy-wrens, warblers, cisticolas, parrots and cuckoos, it just depends on how close they are. Where to meet We will meet in the car park, 135 Sandy Camp Rd, Lytton @ 08:00 https://goo.gl/maps/4LJb6VGdzhS2 Sandy Camp Wetlands is approx. ½ hour drive from BCG Club house in Albion What to bring: Camera The longest telephoto lens you have. Preferably 400mm or a 70 – 200mm with a x1.4 or x2.0 teleconverter/extender Fully charged batteries and empty storage cards Sun glasses, water, hat and sunscreen Covered walking shoes Insect Repellent Mobile phone (emergencies) Monopod (optional) Tripod (optional) Camera flash (optional) Thermos and snacks (optional) Towel (optional) This is a weather permitting outing, further contact information will be provided to registered participants. David Jones has kindly provided some helpful documents for assisting you with creating and processing your images from this outing: Australian birds keyword list - this is a text file so do not change the format. Instructions on how to use this document are below. How to import or export keyword lists from Lightroom or Adobe Bridge Wildlife and Sports Photography Back Button Focus NB. The registration commencement date for this event is 15 June 2018. If you see 6/15/2018 as the registration commencement date below then your computer/browser is using US delete
Street SIG Photography Meeting (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
This month's meeting will be showcasing members work from the past five months with special guests Lisa Kurtz and John Lomas. Slideshow of recent members images Critiques by John Lomas from the recent walkabout at the Riverside Markets Lisa Kurtz will present images from the recent advanced workshops and provide critiques from all members who have attended workshops Open discussion on the next workshop to allow members to provide input to make the last event something quite unique and special All members and guests are welcome. To register your attendance please log on to the Street Photography SIG Private Group on Facebook and mark that you are going.  If you are not already a member please click on the following and Elayne will accept you to the group.  Alternatively, please email Elayne to confirm your attendance. Click on https://www.facebook.com/groups/429751257394353/invited/ elayne.geltch@gmail.com delete
1. Set Prints - CONSTRUCTION (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
2. Open Prints (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
3. Set DPI - CONSTRUCTION (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
4. Open DPI (7:30 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
Opening of BCG Prints Exhibition at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital (6:00 PM E. Australia Standard Time)
More details to be advised. delete

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