Set Subjects - 2019

Please ensure that you carefully read and understand the definitions. They are the criteria that the judges will use to score your images in the Set Subject competitions.

  • February – Architecture: The picture must be of a building intended for human occupation or use. It may be a picture of the exterior or interior and may be a detail of a limited part of a building or buildings that displays architectural angles and lines in a dynamic or colourful way (Monochrome allowed).
  • March – Movement : A finished image that depicts motion blur resulting from long exposure or panning or in camera movement. The image cannot be a freeze frame photo, it must show some blur in some part of the image.
  • April – Transportation: The image must show the action of transporting someone or something or the process of being transported.
  • May – Impressionist: A style when the photographer tries to convey the feeling of a scene, a general impression, or suggestion of a scene. Lacking in detail these impressionist images emphasize colour over line and are often soft, dreamy, and have a painterly feel.
  • June – Negative Space: Definition coming shortly.
  • July – Photo Replication: Definition coming shortly.
  • August – Bokeh: Definition coming shortly.
  • September – Framed: Definition coming shortly.
  • October – High Key: Definition coming shortly.

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