Set Subjects - 2018

  • February – Iconic Australia: A widely recognised, well-established symbol of Australia. 
  • March – Repeating Shapes: An image where a series of the same or similar elements are repeated in such a way as to add strength to the overall image.
  • April – Industrial: An image depicting any form of industry eg machines, buildings, by-products of industry eg smoke/steam. The object is to portray the functional side rather than the human side of industry. Document an aspect of the production process.
  • May – Yellow:  An image where the colour yellow is the dominant feature.
  • June – Abandoned:  An image that shows/depicts forsaken by owners or inhabitants. Displays deserted, derelict, uninhabited.
  • July – Construction: Images where the focus is on what is being constructed.
  • August – Weather:  A picture depicting some aspect of the weather, the weather must be the central subject, eg. storm (actual or impending), rain, hail, fog or wind. Normal sunny conditions or the aftermath is not acceptable.
  • September – Looking Up/Looking Down: An image that depicts looking up or looking down or both to show an unusual or unique perspective of the subject.
  • October – Old Things: Images where the central feature is an object or objects that is old. It is not necessary to be antique.

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