Contemporary Photography meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month. These meetings are to learn about specific trends in photography and what is relevant to you. We break into Special Interest Groups (SIG) to discuss techniques, show your latest work and organise events. They are member driven and directed.

Current SIGs include Street Photography, Image Critiques, Monochrome, Audio/Visuals and International. Each group has access to:

  • discussion forums
  • calendar for latest information
  • galleries

on this website for the exchange of ideas and issues.

To stay up to date with what is happening in the SIGs you are interested in, subscribe to their discussion forum and read the weekly Short Notes publication sent to Members. 

Monochrome Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Monochrome SIG meets on the third Monday of every second month to discuss all aspects of taking and producing better monochrome, principally Black & White, images. This includes considering why you might choose to use B&W for an image, what subject matter makes for good B&W images, learning to visualise the colour scene in B&W and post-processing for B&W.  Members also discuss/critique monochrome images from well known photographers as well as from their own work.

Street Photography Special Interest Group (SIG)

Members of the Street Photography SIG meet every second month on the 3rd Monday to present and discuss their street images and to learn from one another, all in the aid of improving upon their skills and abilities as street photographers.

Audio/Visual Special Interest Group (SIG)

Members of the Audio/Visual (AV) SIG meet every second month on the 3rd Monday. The group has been established to explore taking still images and making an Audio/Visual presentation that includes the images and sound to tell a story. This covers from concept to final production including the various software tools you need to use. Members also share sources of royalty free sounds that can be used in their AV’s.

International Special Interest Group (SIG)

The International SIG meets on the 3rd Monday of odd months. This group is for photographers interested in competing in international competitions. There is no minimum standard but we do ask that your work be of a consistently high standard and that you want to enter these competitions. The aim of the SIG is to critique members’ images suggesting improvements that will improve their entry in international competitions. Critiques are led by an AIPP accredited judge whenever possible.

Critique Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Critique SIG meets on the 3rd Monday of even months. This group is for photographers wanting to improve the images they submit in club competitions. All grades are welcome and critiques can be of DPIs and/or prints. Critiques are led by a PSQ accredited judge whenever possible.


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