Concise History

  • Brisbane Camera Group (BCG) was inaugurated on October 1, 1949 with 19 Foundation Members.
  • In November 1987, BCG became an Incorporated Association under the Queensland Government’s Associations Incorporation Act, 1981.
  • Initially members focussed on black and white photography and print making, either in their own darkrooms or commercial labs. In the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s, the Club embraced colour photography and the showing of colour slides in competitions.
  • By 2002, BCG had recognised the coming digital revolution and established a “Digital Sub-Group” with John Lomas as the Coordinator, to discuss digital capture and post-processing with Photoshop. This group was open to anyone, not just BCG members, and obviously hit a nerve with up to 150 attendees at the monthly meetings, the bulk of whom came from other camera clubs in Brisbane and beyond.  By 2004, a Digital Show of images captured by attendees was a regular feature of the meetings.
  • BCG members today have strong interests in both prints and digital projected images, mainly from digital capture devices although some members still use film.  There is strong interest in both black & white as well as colour images across a wide range of photographic genres.
  • Looking to the future and considering trends in technology and photography, BCG will be expanding its vision to support members as visual communicators with both still and video photography from digital and analogue capture devices and communication opportunities embracing both the internet and hard copy.
  • BCG currently has over 100 members.


Historical Snippets

Bite-sized morsels of our history are available below:

The History of the Brisbane Camera Group 1 – In the very beginning

The History of the Brisbane Camera Group 2 – Augusta Hobday

The History of the Brisbane Camera Group 3 - Field Day October 23rd 1949

The History of the Brisbane Camera Group 4 - Garth Grant-Thomson

The History of the Brisbane Camera Group 5 - Competition Evening November 2nd 1953

Historical Record

A chronological record of our history:

Historical Record of Brisbane Camera Group

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