Set Subjects - 2020

Please ensure that you carefully read and understand the definitions. They are the criteria that the judges will use to score your images in the Set Subject competitions.

  • February – Song or Film Title: The image must bring to mind the title of a song or film which is in the public domain, either recent or historical. This can be achieved either by word association or scene association with elements of the image providing clear clues as to the title of a valid song or film.
  • March – Action: This can include animate or inanimate objects involved in any form of action. It is not limited to human activity. The possibilities are infinite but as long as the main thrust of the image implies action then it will be acceptable under the definition.
  • April – Looking Down: The image must be taken so as to show a scene which lies below the photographer. The height from which the image is taken is immaterial.
  • May – Against the Light / Backlit: A picture in which the main source of illumination lies behind the subject as opposed to the front or sides. Such lighting does not preclude the use of a fill in light or available light from the camera side of the subject.
  • June – Shadow(s): A picture in which the shadow(s) is featured. The cause of the shadow(s) may be included but must not be dominant.
  • July – Three of a Kind: A picture featuring three subjects of a kind, which can be readily identified by the average viewer. (Three Grevilleas or Hakeas could be so different that only a botanist could recognise them as being "three of a kind").
  • August – Love & Affection: Any picture which depicts love or affection between human beings or other creatures, or between both, illustrating companionship, dependence, trust or any other facet of a loving or affectionate relationship.
  • September – Humorous: A picture with a humorous or whimsical appeal to the viewer. It need not have been funny from the subject's point of view. The humour should lie in the picture and not merely in the title.
  • October –Entrance (The): A picture of the entrance to a building or enclosure. The inclusion of a closing device is optional. The presence of a person may be included but must not be the dominant feature.


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