BCG conducts an annual Audio-Visual (AV) competition in October each year. The closing date for submissions is 22 October 2018. They are judged by a panel of 2-3 external judges using guidelines from the Australian Photographic Society. The winners will be announced at the Annual Dinner (1st Monday in December).

There are four sections in the AV competition – Open, Novice, Mini 10 and Group.

Definitions and tips:

  • Audio Visual (Diaporama) is defined as a sequence of still images where the storyline or theme, sound, transitions and images are interdependent.
  • An effective sequence will have unity of its three parts: the conception, the visuals and the sound. Generally, these three elements should reinforce each other.
  • Adequate conception involves an idea with a suitable introduction, an interesting development of the idea and an appropriate close.
  • Narrative or text may be employed but is not mandatory. 
  • Images that were primarily generated using a camera, small sequences of video as well as computer generated imagery (digital art) are acceptable in an AV.
  • Entries can be submitted by individual members or by groups (2 or more members).
  • AV duration - maximum of 7 minutes (4-7 minutes is ideal).
  • The AV can be about any subject.


Entrants may submit a total of two (2) AV’s. There are four categories:

  • Novice
  • Open
  • Group (for two or more collaborating authors)
  • Mini-10 (max of 10 images + title and credits images)

Competitors who have obtained a 1st placing in a BCG or interclub AV competition previously are not eligible to enter the NOVICE category. Novices may compete in any category.

Note that participating in a Group AV constitutes one entry for each member of the group and they can enter only one more sequence another category.

The Mini-10 section is an easy way to begin your AV production experience.  The AV is restricted to 10 images, in addition to the Title and Credits images.

Download the AV Competition Rules and Entry Form for full details on how to enter.

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